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Adoption Event Every SUNDAY

We have some good news.  We are making progress, very slowly but steady.  We have made arrangements with the Petco in Mission Viejo:

Mission Viejo
25592 El Paseo
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

This is on a little street that runs parallel to Interstate 5 between the LaPaz and Oso Parkway offramps.  You get there from a little street that is closer to Oso Parkway than LaPaz.

We will be bringing an assortment of small dogs every Sunday at 11:00.  This will begin Oct. 6, 2002.

You said if we brought the little dogs to you, then you would adopt them.  So please come and visit us.   If we can demonstrate that there is indeed a demand for little dogs then the city and/or county of Los Angeles will be more willing to allow their dogs to be moved down to you on a regular basis.


Special message to South Orange County Residents

Congratulations - you are not part of the problem, you are part of the solution.  You take such good care of your pets, are responsible, and caring.  And as a result, there is actually a shortage of little "ankle biter" dogs in your animal shelters.  The kind that are killed with alarming frequency in LA shelters.

So we are trying very hard to move as many of these dogs down to you as possible.  Many rescuers (me included) are rescuing them one at a time and driving them down to you.  But we need to move faster.

The Irvine Animal Care Center has a new program called the "Third Chance Program".  They are rescuing dogs from LA County and other shelters when they have room and bringing them back for YOU to adopt.  Please visit their web site (which isn't updated often) to get their address and phone number. Irvine Animal Shelter

Also check out the Orange County Animal Shelter's web site.  They aren't as close as you would like, but a lot closer than downtown LA.  Orange County Animal Shelter Web Site  A very nice web site.

Here  are some options we are working on.  First, Los Angeles City has something called a Mighty Mover - which is a self contained mobile adoption unit.  It will hold about 50-75 ankle biters, fuzzies, chi's, lhasa's, etc.  Just what you wanted.  We need a place to park it.  That should be easy.  We are going to approach PetSmart and Petco and see who bites. 

We are making slow progress, very slow progress, and in the meantime dozens of little highly desirable dogs are killed every day.

The difficult part is that we are required by law (and we agree with this) that all dogs/cats be spayed/neutered before adoption.  And that's the hang-up.  We know you don't want to drive into LA to pick up your pet after spay/neuter.  We need to find a place down in your neighborhood where this can be done.  Anyone have any ideas?  Please email me,  if you do.

The LA City shelter system is not particularly adoption friendly.  It is virtually impossible, due to their hours, for anyone even living next door to adopt without taking about half a day off of work.  They are closed  Monday, open only until 5 the rest of the week.  You go on Saturday or Sunday and adopt a dog, pick it up on Monday.  That's how it works.

HOWEVER,  the LA County shelter system is very much adoption friendly.  Still closed Sunday, but open the rest of the week from noon until 7:00 at night.  Even down in south county you can get to Carson and/or Downey in time.  And they have some incredibly nice dogs, and their own web site which is very impressive.  We augment it with our own photos and comments, but really feel they have done a great job.

So what you could do is "clean out" the LA County shelters, leaving the rescuers to work on the LA City shelters.  How does that sound for a plan??  Or clean  Irvine out so they can then go to LA and get some more.



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