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Oliver, male poodle
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Our Long Beach Small Dog Adoption Program needs donations now
Many of you know us down here in Long Beach.  We take some of the small dogs that the City of Long Beach is about to euthanize.  We get them well and find them homes.

Most of these dogs  need extra medical care.   They either have mange, broken bones, hernias that need surgery, or have really rotten teeth due to poor care.  Nobody is ever spayed or neutered.  So that responsibility is ours also.

A typical dog's vet bill is roughly $350.  And our adoption fees are lower than many rescues, because we do not stand in line at the shelter to get the best dogs first.  We wait until the City calls us.

Can you please send a special donation so we can continue to provide for these dogs' care.

Send a check payable to AMRT or Animal Match Rescue Team and mail it to

6475 E. Pacific Coast Highway #199
Long Beach, CA  90803

You can see photos of the dogs in our care:  

We are working on getting a PayPal account, but do realize that while it is more convenient they do take a percentage of every donation.   And if you send a check to us directly then one hundred percent of it will go to pay our vet bills.

Thank you.

Carolyn, Louise, Lynda, Ellen, Faye,  Jillian, and Tracy - the Long Beach Small Dog Adoption group of AMRT.


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