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Oliver, male poodle
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15321 Brand Blvd.

Mission Hills, CA  91345

(818) 837-2609

(213) 485-4414


This is a NON-public shelter.

To rescue one of the animals at this shelter you must either:

1.  Be an L.A. Animal Services New Hope Partner.

2.  Go through an L.A. Animal Services New Hope Partner.


3.  Find out when and where the animal will be transferred to one of the regular

L.A. Animal Services shelters and go there to adopt.


Veronica is the Northeast Valley shelter's New Hope Coordinator.

Please call ahead to make an arrangement to go there to rescue


She was just a momma and is finishing up taking care of her many babies. She should be ready to be rescued in about two weeks. I LOVE this dog. She is only 40 pounds, two years old, and SO sweet. She stays up front in her cage even while taking care of all those puppies, and she loves visiting with people. She showers everyone who visits with lots of friendly kisses, and she puts her feet on the cage to play. Her puppies are incredibly cute (the Border Collie shows up in them a lot) and the shelter is not worried about them getting adopted. Their wonderful momma needs help. She is extremely alert and I think she seems very smart. She looks very healthy too. Someone will be lucky to adopt this terrific dog.


[Note: Her brother is now at the West LA shelter needing to be saved also. He is two years old, and his impound number there is A0964145. West L.A. is at 11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064, (310) 207‑3156.]



One of the unweaned families at Northeast Valley is too cute for words. The puppies will all get adopted right away when they are old enough to leave mom. But mom is very frightened at the shelter and will need help. She is mostly Long-Hair Doxie with something else that makes her incredibly cute. About 10 or 12 pounds (lots of that is fat). Only two years old. Right now she is too frightened to calm down and be friendly. She seems all tied up in knots of confusion at the shelter. The poor girl is tiny in a big shelter with her puppies and no idea what is happening to her or to them. When an ACT went to pet her, she sneered but she let him pet her just fine. He pet her for a few minutes and she looked tense but did not do anything bad. Mostly, she seems to want to get away from the entire shelter situation. I even think her puppies were driving her crazy (they are old enough to do that) even though she was taking good care of them. Mom and the whole family look very very healthy. I believe this little dog needs a couple days of calm quiet and then she should be fine. She does stay up front in her cage looking around. She just needs a chance to chill out and feel safe, probably in a quiet adult home. She is adorable! Her puppies look about six or seven weeks old so she should be ready for a home very soon.



She is a terrier with maybe some lhasa. Only about 11 pounds. Eight years old but showing no signs of age at all. Lots of love from her. She needs surgery -- double cherry eye and something is wrong with his knee. She is such a nice little girl. She deserves help. Once her surgery is done, she should be extra easy to adopt out because she is really a sweet and affectionate little lady.




Male, four years old.  Think of a black belt in martial arts who knows he is powerful but always acts gentle.  That is The Amazing Spanky.  On first impression, he is an adorably cute gigantic block of strength.  He seems like about a million pounds of muscle, but you find out right away that he is really a big hunk of love.  There he is, wiggling and putting his paw out of his cage, smiling at you with his huge goofy grin.  You go over and he gets so joyful, so you pet him.  He rubs right into your hand, pressing his fur into you so he is happily rubbing your hand back.  Then he turns to kiss you over and over.  When you move your hand to pet him on his back, he just keeps kissing the air he is so happy to have you visit.  He is big and strong, and throughout our long visit, he was completely gentle and nice.  The shelter says he was seized from a place with fighting dogs but he must have been either a bait dog or a failure because we could not find any sign that this dog would ever hurt anything.  In fact while we were there, a little dog bit him on the face and Spanky did NOTHING -- Spanky did not bite him or even react.  The shelter staff LOVE this dog and pointed him out to us to try to help him get a into good home.  After all he has been through, and to have stayed such a big softie, he deserves to find love. 

Impound no. A0957238  [Note: Spanky is listed as "injured" but he isn't.  He looks very healthy, we saw no injuries other than bite wounds that healed long ago, he was athletic and thrilled to move around and play with us.]

Available NOW.  Spanky needs help fast.  He is REDLISTED.